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Monday, October 14, 2013

Potbelly Corp, Las Vegas Sands Corp. Short Trades. Entry Exit.

This mornings trades were Potbelly Corp ( PBPB ) and Las Vegas Sands Corp ( LVS.) Potbelly trade was based on pre-market most activity and a break of the day low. Las Vegas Sands first short open was based on a day low break too.

Once on the plus side in Potbelly ( PBPB ) I shot for the prior low of the day and was hit at $25.82. I then placed a trailing stop to catch it if she fell away. Stop hit and out for profitable trade.

Las Vegas Sands ( LVS ) as the chart says was a trade that I should have just taken what the machine was giving me. I left money on the table first pull. The second trade was not well thought out, and more of a BAD impulse open. Trying to impiously time the slot machine NEVER works. Everyday is a new lesson. The goal is not to repeat them.

Nice to see how stops work. LVS now at $68.75. Should have reversed the trade, but its all hindsight.

I did place a short trade on Aruba Networks Inc ( ARUN )at $19.02 and covered for a tiny profit at $18.98 as the market started to turn up.

Closed the platform with a very tiny profit. 

I just have to remember what the poor guy laying the first very tiny brick in the Great Wall thought. 10,000,000 very tiny bricks will make a big wall someday.

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